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Activate your healthiest self

This 30-Day Total Health Reboot gives you the support, knowledge and accountability to make the healthy habits you seek finally stick. You’ll know exactly how to successfully integrate better eating, more movement, stress management strategies and sleep hygiene to function at the level you’re truly capable of. Gina is a skilled health coach who factors in all aspects of your being, body, mind and spirit, and who is deeply motivated by the spark that got you right here, ready to change.


Hit my health goals and more!

Amanda F.

"If it's important to you to work with someone who is extremely knowledgeable about health and wellness, is thoughtful and encouraging but will also help you find your inner strength and overcome your best excuse, Gina is the coach for you! With her guidance and support, I not only surpassed my health goals but am now set up for long-term success as I continue on this path of whole living!"

Got to the root of it

Tasha E.

"Gina’s authenticity, inherent wisdom, and years of experience working with students ready for change, combined with her no-BS attitude and sense of humor, created the compassionate, empowering, and introspective environment I needed to realize big change."

I journeyed back to myself

Callie S.

Gina is intuitive in knowing when to push on the gas (offering insight and resources, cheerleading) and push on the brake (allow you space to seek and figure out for yourself). I came from the mindset that if you can't do it right, don't do it at all. This created some patterns that were based on kicking my own arse (very unhelpful). Gina helped me journey back to myself, to learn to listen to my needs, and to make a plan to support those needs. All with the gentle, loving kindness I had been craving.

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